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Cellular Access In Las Vegas, NV

  • Verizon has the best cell phone coverage in Las Vegas.
  • Las Vegas, NV has an average of 99.48% coverage across the four major carriers.
  • Las Vegas is 9th in Nevada for cell reception ahead of Henderson, Sloan, Boulder City, and Jean, but behind North Las Vegas.
  • Roughly 6.60 square miles of Las Vegas has limited access to cellular data.
  • AT&T is ranked as the fastest provider in Nevada.
  • Las Vegas has 11 cell towers.
  • The zip code in Las Vegas with the best coverage for September 2021 is 89154.

Las Vegas Cellular Coverage Map

Cell Phone Coverage By ZIP In Las Vegas

ZIP Code Verizon ATT T-Mobile

Cell Phone Towers In Las Vegas, Nevada

Licensee Address Height Tower Type
NEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS, LLC12168-12174 NV-160, Las Vegas, NV 8916154.9MAST
NEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS, LLCAngel Peak Pl, Las Vegas, NV 8916619.2MAST
NEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS, LLCUnnamed Road, Las Vegas, NV 891569.1MAST
Southwestco Wireless, L.P.Corn Creek Field Station, Las Vegas, NV 8916637.2TOWER
Southwestco Wireless, L.P.Forest Rd 509, Las Vegas, NV 8916113.7TOWER
Southwestco Wireless, L.P.9880 Granite Reef Ave, Las Vegas, NV 8914733.5POLE
Southwestco Wireless, L.P.165 Albert Ave, Las Vegas, NV 8910933.5MAST
Southwestco Wireless, L.P.7331 W Cheyenne Ave, Las Vegas, NV 8912938.1
Southwestco Wireless, L.P.12640 Blue Diamond Rd, Las Vegas, NV 8916124.4TOWER
Southwestco Wireless, L.P.8548 Insignia Ave, Las Vegas, NV 8917823.5POLE

User Reported Dead Zones In Las Vegas

Carrier Address Comment Date Added
AT&T4266 Via Dana AveOnly 1 or 2 bars, difficulty sending/receiving text messages (especially group texts), sometimes calls do not ring through2016
AT&T6971 Glencoe Harbor AveVoice and Data cuts out during usage on 4G and LTE2014
Sprint295 Placid StCalls continually dropped even with Airave 2.5+ in the home2015
Sprint9090 Horizon Mist AveHorrible Reception Dropped calls2014
Verizon7945 Avalon Valley CtUsing both android and iphone, calls get lost frequently within our house.2016
AT&T9737 White Lilac StOne bar inside house, outside 2 bars and constantly dropping calls.2014
Verizon128 Woolman Rink AveDead zone, almost no coverage2019
AT&T5908 Alington Bend DrExtremely poor service in this area. Spotty coverage.2019
Verizon12325 NV-160Last signal heading west.2019
Sprint8347 Crofton CirOnly 1 bar, Problems Texting and making call.2015
T-Mobile498 Redruth DrCoverage spotty in Huntington subdivision2019
Verizon7785 S Jones BlvdOnly get 3g, and very weak signal. Usually one or two bars. Calls constantly drop and text messages take 1 to 2 minutes to send. Picture text messages, forget about it!2019
AT&T6636 Oxendale AveDon't even know why my phone is showing two bars when it's pretty much worthless here. Can't be on the phone for more than a minute and texts msgs don't send2015
Verizon8975 W Warm Springs RdDead zone. Dropped calls. Got an extender from Verizon (free if you insist and they come out to verify problem) but it doesn't seem to help much.2014
Verizon8906 1st Lady AveNo Service inside house, spotty service around area warm spring and Durango2019
AT&T1045 W Badura Aveone bar, constantly drops calls.2019
Verizon105 Market Pl SNo service w/ Verizon. outside or inside. always at one bar or nothing. LTE is non-existent. iMessages can't receive. 3G service pops in and out2015
Sprint4775 W Teco AveService signal is weak at this location, calls will drop all the time.2015
Verizon6590 Boulder HwyVery, very low signal (~-110 dB) to both my Nexus 6p as well as my cellular router. LTE Discovery app directional arrow constantly swings back and forth between 3-4 towers that each claim to be less than a mile away.2019
AT&T699 Wright Brothers LnTotal loss of signal at Mccarran International airport terminal 3 on a regular basis.2015
Verizon9275 W Russell RdService levels at 1X or no service2019
Verizon9670 W Mesa Vista AveCalls always drop in this area and in my home.2019
AT&T3801 S Las Vegas Blvd22nd Floor of Tropicana hotel 2 bars of 4G, data drops constantly.2014
Verizon3075 Palms Center DrDEADZONE for cell and wireless. Used to work fine, then in last 6 months, it got bad with dropped the signal is non-existant.2015
Verizon3708 S Las Vegas Blvd4G LTE displayed on phone, but not functioning in this service area for the last 4 weeks.2014
Verizon27 Morning Glow LnTerrible Service Here!2019
AT&T10228 Riva De Destino AveVery week signal and sometimes non-existant2019
T-Mobile3590 S Las Vegas Blvd12/31/16 in Planet Dallies (Hollywood) sitting near the back of the restaurant I had No Service the whole time. My friends on AT&T & Verizon had signals and data while sitting at the same table. But pretty much I was screwed in hotels, casinos and restaurants in Las Vegas on the strip with my service going from Egde to No Service. Very disappointed T-Mo... and u got that billion dollar arena there too?! Baffled2019
AT&T3930 University Center DrCondo on the South side of the building.It is possible to receive text messages, voice mail ,but calls do not go through. Iphones ,Samsung models of the phone was testing.2019
Verizon3535 S Las Vegas BlvdPoor connection. We stayed at The Linq hotel from April 21st - April 24th, 2016. I noticed a severe drop in reception quality and data speeds. The connection hardly ever got above 3 bars and most of the time I was on 3G speeds. Doing anything that required data was very slow and frustrating. Not sure what causes this.2019
AT&T3200 S BroncoNo AT&T cellular internet connection.2014
Verizon9404 Alameda Harbor AveVoice- constant poor call quality and dropped calls to the point that voice service on the network is not possible. Data-4G service is spotty and inconsistant2016
Verizon3186 S Maryland PkwyHORRIBLE service (inside) the Hospital. Must leave the building and go outside to make or receive any phone calls. Texts seem to go through ok from inside the bulding. My work phone (cell) is on AT&T and is very reliable. I often use my AT&T work phone over my Verizon phone in most areas of Vegas.2019
T-Mobile2916 Imperial Purple CtAlways terrible reception. If you are planning on getting t mobile, make sure you don’t live near summerlin.2019
AT&T2713 S Miller LnTerrible phone reception for employees in Juvenile Justice2015
AT&T2599 Las Vegas Blvd SInside SLS Hotel/Casino, you have none, to very little service since opening of casino in August 20142014
AT&T2411 W Sahara AveAt the window of my room in the tower hotel (11th floor so there should be no obstacles) and cannot get one bar to complete a local call. Crazy Bad !!!!2019
Verizon10552 Calico Pines AveCalls drop after 5-10 seconds.2019
Verizon2251 Cookman LnComplete dead zone in the middle of the city.2015
Verizon2120 Festival Plaza DrDowntown Summerlin seems to be a total dead zone. Coverage goes down to 1x every time I go there.2019
Verizon2022 Crowley Way1 Bar and less of service. Dropped multiple calls driving down sloan in between charleston and sahara2014
T-Mobile9728 Floweret Avevery poor service2019
Sprint5300 FieldstoneMultiple dropped calls per day. We have the cell phone boost but does not work. Ready to cancel service.2014
VerizonSky HarborCalls breaking up on iPhone 6 the last few days; have NOT had this issue before now. Stepping out of the house seems to help, but come on. I enabled data AND voice on the phone, supposedly for HD quality, and now am DROPPING calls multiple times, which has never happened to me before anywhere in the country. Connection strength bouncing from 1 to 5 dots and back. I've been a loyal Apple and Verizon customer for many years. The sudden change in service quality is frustrating and disappointing.2015
Verizon4300 Meadows LnNO Verizon service within the Meadows mall.2015
Verizon789 Star Pine Dr1x or 3G with only 1 bar2019
AT&T1680 Village Center CirExtremely week.2019
Verizon3827 E Pecan LnPay way too much for such bad service. Will be changing carriers. If it wasn't for WiFi my phone would be useless.2015
Verizon8208 Cactus Canyon Ct4G? 4-get it.2014
VerizonEB Lake Mead after Laguna MistDropped calls, no data coverage2014
Verizon2532 Monarch Bno signal at all!2019
Sprint2808 High Range DrSprint is horrible. I had to buy the Sprint AirRave for $140 and pay for an extra phone line to get it to work in my home. Reception around town is just OK. Changing carriers when my contract is over.2015
Verizon10208 Pastel Sky AveTerrible service in neighborhood.2015
Verizon10444 Commanche Moon AveVerizon calls dropped consistently2014
Verizon5048 Glittering Star CtHorrible reception, constant dropped calls2014
Sprint6100 Crystal Cascade StDropped calls. Complete dead zone for about 2-3 square blocks (no exaggeration). No reception from craig to elkhorn, from decatur to simmons.2014
Verizon6295 N Grand Canyon Dr2 bars max, usually one and frequent dropped calls in different parts of the house.2019
AT&T10619 Whiting AvePoor reception, dropped calls. Especially indoors. Multiple neighbors have microcells.2019
Verizon10416 Burkehaven AveHave to use signal booster just to get service in house2019
Verizon7605 Marble Mesa Ctno bars with Verizon, in or out of house2014
AT&T9612 Wildherd AveVery few bars. Dropped calls. Pics rarely send by text even outside of house.2015
AT&TBradley Bridle Park, 8225 N Bradley RdNO service. Can't text or call2019
Sprint5917 Amber Station AveIntermittent voice reception leading to dropped calls every time I use my Sprint handset from this location. Sprint coverage map claims "Best" voice coverage in this vicinity but they are wrong. However, 3G and LTE data coverage is very strong in this area.2015
Verizon7725 Maggie AveFair voice coverage. Occasional drop. Decent data but not 4G2019
T-MobileUS-95No Tmobile service after Indian Springs until you get to Vegas city limits2019
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Cell Phone Stores Closest To Las Vegas, NV

Carrier Address Phone Directions
AT&T2010 E Lake Mead Blvd Suite A, North Las Vegas, NV, 89030702-888-1916Directions
Verizon2027 East Lake Mead Blvd, North Las Vegas, NV, 89030702-389-6567Directions
T-Mobile1014 E. Charleston Blvd 103, Las Vegas, NV, 89104702-928-1235Directions